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With a wealth of diverse, authentic and interesting accommodations available throughout Morocco from 5 star deluxe hotels with all mod cons and luxury facilities to simple Berber bivouacs, we can help you choose the right type of accommodation to suit your own personal requirements and give you the most wonderful and unique Moroccan experience possible.

» Boutique Hotels :
« Boutique » hotels are built with a high regard to traditional Moroccan architecture and materials and are often conversions of old houses.
» Eco Lodges :
Built using sustainable materials as much as possible, minimising its effect on the environment and working with the local population.
» Auberges :
Auberge meaning Inn or lodge, these are small rural, simple hotels sometimes referred to as a Gite.
» Hotels :
We do not work with many conventional hotels, as our clients tend to prefer smaller more authentic types of accommodation.
» Kasbahs :
A Kasbah is a fortress or medina that was used as a secure location to withdraw to when the main town was under siege.
» Maison d'Hotes :
Quite simply, this means a guest house. Usually these are private houses that have been converted into small and very charming hotels.
» Riads :
A true Riad (ryad/riyad) is an urban house, always situated within the walls of the medina (old city).
» Luxury Villas :
Luxurious detached country houses complete with large gardens and a good-sized pool.
» Luxury Hotels : Larger than the Boutique Hotels, our selection of 4 and 5 star deluxe hotels combined beautiful authenticity with the luxurious indulgence of modern facilities and superb service.

Mainly in the desert, these camps usually have traditional Berber or Nomadic Bedouin tents or bivouacs made from hand woven wool. Some have fixed walls with tented ceilings. All have at least shared toilet facilities, but many are en-suite. They are usually used for an overnight stay after a camel trek, but some can be reached by 4×4 vehicle for those not wanting to ride a camel first.

Igloo Tent : Used for walking treks during the summer months ...
Caidal tents : A large traditional tent which is carpeted and draped inside with Colorful silk panels, used for the more luxurious Land cruiser safaris.
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