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DAY 1 :
Arrival in Marrakech, welcome by your guide, transfer and night at the hotel well Riad, free dinner. According to the good fortune of arrival, visits to Marrakech are possible: Palace, Mosques and a getaway in the labyrinths of the souks of the medina.
DAY 2 :
Full out east towards the north side of Central High Atlas. Stop Demnat, drive to Imi Ifri geological site visit; from there we take ATV at 1050 m altitude. Beautiful ascended to the pass at 1850m, then descent in Ait Tioutlin to bivouac after the village of Irouhan 1700m. 150 km transfer, 40 km mountain bike, vertical drop of 800 m.
DAY 3 :
Many villages decorating the edges of the track and nestled flank of Mountain before arriving in the land of farmers' Ait Boulli "dominated by the site rock carvings to 2390 m. From there we will admire the ocher earth terraces and Tissint Abachkou.

The track is well laid out and not representative of technical difficulties introduce us in the happy valley of Ait Bougumaz. Bivouac on the plateau of Tamezrit 1700m, visit the sculpture workshop at the village of Agouti. 48 km mountain bike and 600 m. (Overnight possible in a beautiful house with panoramic views of the villages of the low Happy Valley).
DAY 4 :
Of immersion in the mood among the inhabitants of the valley (of June to October is the harvest of cereals, apples and potatoes in the valley of Ait Bougumaz ) visit the traces of dinosaurs at the site of Agerd Ozrou do, then we let the mountain bike at the foot of the hill to Taorart visit the marabout shrine of Sidi Moussa (former collective attic of the village of Timit) passing Tabant capital of the valley.

Through villages Imilghass (village Titouan Lamazou between 1981 and 1982) and Ait Ouangdal and Ifran Ighirine to reach 2100 m free afternoon, stroll in the village and appreciation of peasant life. Homestay overnight. 24 km mountain bike and 400+.
DAY 5 :
We leave the valley Ait Bougumaz to climb aloft to Ighil n'Ait Hkem to 2600 m along the Azourki chain Asmssouk 2350m descent, change of scenery, ancient tree Juniper Thérufère Atlas Central and scattered hamlets, we cling beautiful descent of 950 m.

Arrive Zaouit Ahnçal to 1550 m, place of pilgrimage nomadic tribe Ait Atta and stronghold of the religious brotherhood who opposed hang centuries to power Alawite dynasty that reigns to this day. A well laid trail goes back to the circus Taghia, rocky peaks of the Dolomites and Moroccan climbers site at high level. 50 km mountain bike and + 700 m, 1100 m - .
DAY 6 :
We are now in Ihnçalen, we follow the river same name, vehicle track furrowing a beautiful maritime pine forest in Tizi n'Tazoult to climb to 1900 m; panoramic view of the village of Tamgua and Cathedral Rock. The track will lead us to the confluence of the Assif Assif Ahnçal Melloln and 1100 m, gorges where we practice canoeing in the spring. 40 km of mountain biking, 350 and 800 + - .
DAY 7 :
We still pedaling 10 km to reach Tilouguite (where is celebrated weekly souk on Saturday) we take the 4 x 4 to descend on Lake Oued el Abid, a true table for lovers of color contrasts. Lunch at local restaurant and return to Marrakech Azilal night at the hotel, free dinner.
Transfer to the Airport.


Supervised :
• English speaking guide, a graduate of Trades Training Centre Mountain.
• Berber speaking and knowing establish bonds of contact with local populations.
• A cook for meals based on fresh products.
• Experienced 4x4 drivers.

Transport :
• By minibus between airport and hotel / Arrival and Departure.
• During the raid, according to the number for a group of 6 to 8 people : two.
• 4x4 for transfers from one point to another and for assistance in case tiredness.
• They will also serve to transport luggage and stewardship and logistics.

Material provided by the organizer :
• Foam Mattress.
• Two large tents, lounge and kitchen.
• Tents Igloo for two.
• Kitchen equipment, cutlery, stoves.
• Covers for plastic bags.

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